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Nikkor AI 135mm on a Nikon Df

Review Nikkor 135mm ƒ1:2,8 on a Nikon Dƒ

One of the main reasons for buying an expensive Nikon Df is that you may mount most Nikon lenses from the last 50 years.
I found and shoot this old 135mm, ƒ1:2,8 Nikkor tele lens for less than 120 € incl. package at ebay – cool price, but does this lens will perfectly work on a Df?


20140325-Nikkor 135mm 1-2,8 01 20140325-Nikkor 135mm 1-2,8 04 20140325-Nikkor 135mm 1-2,8 03 20140325-Nikkor 135mm 1-2,8 02 20140325-Nikkor 135mm 1-2,8 0620140325-Nikkor 135mm 1-2,8 07-2


As you can see, there are no spots, fungus or scratches on this old lens, only a few ones at the outer side – lucky me getting such a fine lens.

So now, have a closer look at my example pictures.


20140325-Nikkor 135mm 1-2,8 Example 02 20140325-Nikkor 135mm 1-2,8 Example 04 20140325-Nikkor 135mm 1-2,8 Example 01 20140325-Nikkor 135mm 1-2,8 Example 03

As you can image, there’s nearly no distortion – sure it’s a telephoto lens – you may fix this super light distortion in your post processing via Lightroom later. By the way – there’s no post processing in those review pictures.

Anyway – the nice thing with this lens is, that you get a colorful picture with nearly no vignette, it’s clear and sharp to the edges. I have to admit, that I love the bokeh too. So far a great lens on a new Nikon.


The lens in combination with a Nikon Dƒ works perfectly – the manual focus is a bit tricky as usual, but you should have no problems to get your picture razor sharp. The funny thing is that you have to turn the focus ring over 270° – from 1,3m to nonfinite – that’s a long rotary and nothing for a quick shot.

Whatever the case, the Nikkor 135mm works perfectly with a Nikon Dƒ, it delivers a cool vignette and colorful pictures with a fine bokeh, it is great for the most situations. Just a fine lens that you can easily use with your Dƒ – the best is the road price for a used one at ebay.




© All pictures may not be copied, downloaded, or used in any other way without my written permission.

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  1. Nice pictures and that camera looks great. But I’m pretty sure you can mount those old lens on all the high end Nikon DSLRs. I had a Nikon D1x back in the day that I would use some of the old lenses with! Anyhow, i’m sure i’m not tell you something you don’t already know haha. Just thought it should be noted. Anyhow very nice pictures and great looking camera! Love that bokeh!

    • Thanks Rob,

      jep, the Df rocks, i sold my D4 for this camera, okay the Df is a bit tricky, but the cool thing is the use of old lenses.
      We just want to share our impressions with you.
      So, rock on – have a great time and many, many cool pics.
      Btw, the D1x is a great camera, i took all the review shots with an old D200 with lean 10 MP and i works =)

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