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Nikkor AF-S 85mm G 1,4 vs. AF 85mm D 1,8

Review Nikkor AF-S 85mm G ƒ1:1,4 vs. Nikkor AF 85mm D ƒ 1:1,8 on a Nikon Df.

As I said in my last review the main reasons for buying an expensive Nikon Df is that you may mount most Nikon lenses from the last 50 years.
It’s crazy, you can get an old 85mm D, ƒ1:1,8 Nikkor AF lens for less than 400 € at ebay – cool price, but does this lens will perfectly work on a Df and what is the difference between the Nano sealed G model with an aperture 1:1,4?


Lenses 2

At first the new G model is much bigger and heavier than the old D model, to my mind the D model looks like a child from big daddy. Of course the G model comes with bigger glasses due to light intensity.

My first thought was, that both lenses work very well with my Nikon Df, surely the new G model has a much faster auto focus and it feels better, due to the weight, holding while shooting.


side 2

The main reason is, when you’re looking at the taken pictures in Lightroom or Aperture – the distortion with the old G model is a bit tougher, in comparison with the newer one – okay – but that’s normal and we all love newer technologies.
If you wish a finer variation on distortion, you may develop your pictures in Lightroom with the lens correction – in the pictures below you can see the difference in lens alterations.


Nikkor AF 85mm D ƒ1,8


Nikkor AF-S 85mm G ƒ1,4

By the way the colors doesn’t change very much, it looks like both lenses have nearly the same color and hue resolution.

Eye catching is the smoother bokeh with the newer lens but this was obviously to me.

Bokeh 1

Nikkor AF 85mm D ƒ1,8

Bokeh 2

Nikkor AF-S 85mm G ƒ1,4

Remarkable seems the finer 3D effect with the newer one if you want to take portraits, I would remark the G model one of the best Nikkor lenses for studio and people shoots.


Anyway, in my opinon you surely can buy the older lens, if you want to save more than 1.000 €. On the other hand side, the ƒ1:1,4 G model is gorgeous and I have to admit that I love huge glasses in the lens – simply a cool gadget.

Whatever the case, both Nikkor lenses, the Nikkor AF-S 85mm G ƒ1:1,4 and the older Nikkor AF 85mm D ƒ 1:1,8 works perfectly with my Nikon Df, both lenses deliver a fine vignette and colorful pictures with a perfect bokeh with a wide aperture.

Even the older lens is fast enough for most situations. Just a fine lens that you may easily use with your Df – the best is the road price for a used one at ebay.

So, it’s on you, what you prefer and what you will spend for a great portrait lens.

Cheers, Lars


Most of my pics are post processed in Lightroom with VSCO Film Pack 04 – so don’t mind about the grain, i love it!

© All pictures may not be copied, downloaded, or used in any other way without my written permission.

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