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exposure tactics

Perfect tip for exposure tactics found at Photofocus today.

Photofocus (old site)

Exposure can be really confusing. It’s particularly so with modern digital cameras. Why? The type of light meters built into cameras is a big reason. Those meters are reflective meters. They measure the amount of light bouncing off of a subject. A reflective meter’s exposure makes what ever it sees 12.5% gray. Always.

Here’s an easy experiment that shows how they work. Take a white card and a black card outside on a sunny day. Put your camera on P (for Professional–er, no, that’s actually Program mode.) Set the camera on the spot metering. Put the white balance on Daylight or Sunny. Fill the viewfinder with the white card then take a picture. Put the black card over the white card, again fill the frame with the black card and make the photo. You have a photo of a white card and a black card right? Well… check your camera’s…

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