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The Trash Series

I started my own personal project “trash on road markings” in January ’14.

So you ask me, why the hell you take pictures of rubbish on a road marking, but this is quite easy.

My buddy Leopold came along with his great idea of his cassette series, a colorful and smooth series with a great intension and i had nothing, simply nothing.

So i said to myself, come on find something special, something what is all the time around you and easy to capture. But this idea was a bit tricky and it took me nearly half a month to find something unique.

Drink On Road Marking °4

On a rainy Monday i had to pic up my daughter from school and suddenly i found this flat and crushed plastic box on the promenade – so i took it and placed it on the crosswalk, my idea was born. The next day i found this old and dirty tennis ball in a puddle nearby the school, and yes i took it with me and placed the ball a several markings.

Ball On Road Marking

Ball On Road Marking (1)

The funny thing is, that i find most of the times cool old and banjaxed pieces on the promenade – OK, it’s not fine to throw your trash away, but i love my new challenge.

Mug On Road Marking

Bottle On the Floor

My goal is to continue this series until the end of 2014, i hope you enjoy it too.

Cheers, Lars

Mug On Road Marking

Cap On Road Marking

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  1. This is brilliant, Lars. Simply brilliant. You’re the only person I know that can take something as banal as street trash and transform it into a visual delight, a veritable feast for the eyes. Wünderschön!

  2. I did a series of photos on litter the other day, just to break up the monotony of winter. I love your photos much better and the aspect of putting the trash on road markings. Look forward to seeing more of your projects.

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