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The Cassette Series

At the end of 2013 I started my personal project “the cassette series”


Why cassettes?

I found some cassettes at my parents home. My dad is a big jazz fan and he is collecting music his whole life. He still has his record collection and his cassette collection. When I had a cassette in my hand many memories came back. When I started to listen to music, cassettes and records were the medium. And I can remember sitting in front of the radio making mix tapes. I have a connection to cassettes and I was looking for something to do a series with. And this was the birth of the cassette series.




Unfortunately i had thrown my cassette collection away years ago. But ebay helped. I bought 2 cassette collections and I was ready to start. Now, I not only have my camera with me, I also have always a cassette or 2 in my pockets. My goal is  continue this series until the end of 2014. I hope you enjoy.

Cheers Leopold



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